The first annual Adelaide Film Festival kicks off with South Australian cinema in the spotlight




Adelaide Film Festival

The red carpet is out, the spotlights are set, and the first annual Adelaide Film Festival is set to kick off tonight, a bi-annual celebration. Films made in South Australia are the focus of the inaugural event, marking a significant moment in the state’s cinema history.

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The Government’s commitment to transform the Adelaide Film Festival into an annual celebration of cinema has come to fruition with an injection of $2 million over four years. An additional $2 million has been allocated to the Adelaide Film Festival’s Investment Fund, aimed at nurturing South Australian film projects and strengthening the region’s growing screen sector.

“This is a milestone for the Adelaide Film Festival and demonstrates the Malinauskas Government’s commitment to supporting South Australia’s screen sector as it continues to gain international recognition,” said Industry Minister, Andrea Michaels.

The Adelaide Film Festival pioneered the establishment of an investment fund among Australian film festivals. Over the past two decades, it has spawned more than 150 projects, some of which have turned into iconic Australian films such as “Talk to Me”, “I Am Woman” and “Hotel Mumbai”.

This year’s festival promises an impressive lineup, with more than 130 films from 43 countries. The program includes 27 world premieres and 38 Australian premieres, providing a diverse and dynamic cinematic experience.

Adelaide Film Festival CEO Matt Kesting said, “We are thrilled to present the first annual presentation of the Adelaide Film Festival from October 18-29, 2023, showcasing Australian talent within a larger, quality, international program.

“We’re really excited by the response from the audience, reflecting how quickly the sessions are selling out and encouraging people to look into the dark and see something unexpected.”

South Australia’s film industry continues to thrive, and this year’s Adelaide Film Festival is bookended by two outstanding South Australian productions.

The festival opens with “The Royal Hotel,” directed by Kitty Green and filmed in South Australia, produced by the Academy Award-winning company C-S Film. It culminates with “My Name’s Ben Folds – I Play Piano”, directed by Scott Hicks and supported by the Adelaide Film Festival’s Investment Fund.

South Australia’s reputation as a center for film and television production continues to grow, with an increasing number of major international projects finding a home in the state.

In addition to investing in the Adelaide Film Festival, the Government has allocated an additional $5.2 million to support a partnership between the South Australian Film Corporation and the ABC.

This partnership ensures a continuous flow of high-quality Australian television production to South Australia. Furthermore, steps have been taken to secure Mercury Cinema, an important platform for emerging South Australian filmmakers as it transitions to a new business model.

Adelaide Film Festival
When: October 18 – 29
Where: Various

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